Update your Profile!

New member accounts

We've added login accounts for most B&T members!

If we had you and your eMail in our database on the web server, we used that information to create a user account for you to be able to log into the web site. We have big plans for this! Someday we may be able to tie it to the club eMail, accounting systems, reservations, and more .... but for now we're starting with a basic member directory, and a way to keep your member contact and profile information up to date directly and without having to re-enter everything each year.

Updating your profile

We ask that you take a moment and fill in your profile information and bring it up to date. If you can do this on the web site, you won't need to fill in the profile information on paper and mail it in. (You will, of course, still need to send in your payments ... ahem).

It's easy to do. You will receive an eMail with your username and password. Use those to login in the boxes on the left side of the home page. Once you log in, new menus will appear under the banner photo at the top of the page. Clicking on "My Profile" will bring up your profile information. If you move your mouse over the "Edit" button you can choose to update your profile information, or upload a photo of yourself. The different items should be fairly straightforward.  Please ask for help if they are not.

Be sure to click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page when you are done with your updates, or your changes will not be saved.

Didn't get a password?

If you didn't receive your login information you can register a new user account by clicking the "Register" link under the login box on the left.  All registrations are checked to make sure they are a member of the B&T before the account is enabled, so it may take a few hours for us to pick it up.  Make sure you supply enough profile information for us to figure out who you are.

Member Directory and Privacy

You can search for other members by clicking on "Members" on the menu bar.  You can also edit your privacy settings to make your contact information, or portions of it, invisible -- if you do not want it revealed to other members.  Note that much of the information displayed when you are editing your profile (like your locker number and member number) is not shown to other members under any circumstances.

The new logins are set up for each person, whereas much of the other B&T systems were per account. This means that each spouse can have their own login, which simplifies a few things. But not everything, of course.  When we carried the information over to create the logins, we sometimes got the name of the "main" account contact, so your account could show your spouse's name and phone number.  You can change this to reflect your own information.  Some of the information (Home phone, children) is duplicated for each spouse.  We'll look into consolidating that later.

If you have any questions or (gasp!) find a bug, please let me know right away by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Best wishes,
Patrick Johnson


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