Officers, staff and committees - 2018


Officers 2018

President   William Dodge
Vice President   Clive Hughes
Secretary   Maureen Perkins
Treasurer   Darrell Perkins


2018 committee chairmanships

  • Membership - Rebecca Baun
  • House - Whitey Baun
  • Swimming - Gigi Gowdy
  • Tennis - Andrew Clark
  • Social - Lindsay Sones


Board of Governors
Rebecca Baun
Andrew Clark
Gigi Gowdy
Lindsay Sones 
Club Manager
Jeanette Bybee
Kitchen Manager 
Travis Grandon
Stuart Lehr
Nicholas Paige


Social/Activities Committee
Lindsay Sones, Chairperson
Merry East Anderson
Wendy Brady
Wendy Clark
Kaitlyn Dainton
Laura Denoncour
Nancy Filias
Becky Jacques
Beth Koeplin
Maria Mesgar
Constance McNulty
Sarah Riehl
Tennis Committee
Andrew Clark, Chairperson
Sarah Conway
Kaitlyn Dainton
Robert Fritz
Robert Garlitz
Jeffrey Karpowich
Betty Munroe
Peter O'Beirne
David Perkins
Faye Ryding
House Committee
Whitey Baun, Chairperson
Thomas Carney
Paul Clark
Kevin Delaney
William Duryea
Jeffrey Denoncour
Chuck Filias
Anika Taylor
Nominating Committee
Jerry Cellucci , Past President
Cindy Dodge
Judith Doyle
Chooch (Ruth) Sones
Membership Committee
Rebecca Baun, Chairperson
Jenni Athanas
Eileen Cellucci
Jan Ferm
Craig Henkels
Adam Scott
Mark Munroe
Swimming Committee
Gigi Gowdy, Chairperson
Gina Burke
Alana Carpenter
Diane Clark
Marnie Lawler
Maura Hughes
Finance Committee
Darrell Perkins,  Chairperson
Norman Chamberlin

All Committees
William Dodge , ex officio





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