2018 President's Letter


May 9th 2018 Dear Members:

On behalf of the Board of Governors, welcome to the 2018 season at the Manchester Bath and Tennis Club. It has been a very challenging preseason with several winter storms setting us back a bit, but we are making great progress and will be ready for the Governor’s Cocktail Party on June 3"‘~ The official opening day of the club will be .lune 9‘*‘ but we will be open weekends starting with the Memorial Day Tennis tournament on our new courts.


The Board would like to thank Sarah Kearney for all the great work she has done for us, she is stepping down as treasurer, and also thank you to Jeff Karpowich for all of his hard work as Tennis Chair. We welcome Darrell Perkins as the new treasurer and Andrew Clark as the new Tennis Chair. Also, we welcome Whitey Baun as the new House Chair, while Clive Hughes has become the Vice President.

Whitey, Clive, Andrew, and Gigi have done a spectacular job, and spent an incredible amount of hours, managing the rebuilding of the structure, tennis courts, kitchen equipment and parking lot, in addition to their normal duties. A special Thank You to all the volunteer members who helped with the Saturday cleanup sessions and Ken Lawler for his efforts finding new kitchen and refrigeration equipment.

Lindsay Sones and her Social Committee have a great line up of entertainment for this season and Andrew has a number of tennis functions planned. Please check the calendar on the website.

Becky’s Membership Committee has been busy aligning the new applicants, M-F list, and new subscribers.

Good news on the management front, as all of our management team will be returning this season.

As a reminder, l would ask that all members please review the membership handbook and learn and abide by the club rules (especially parental supervision of their children) so we can all have a great season.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the Governor’s Cocktail Party on June 3"’.

Bill Dodge President, Board of Governors 



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