2017 President's Letter

May 1, 2017

Dear Members.

On behalf of the Board of Governors, welcome to the 2017 season at the Manchester Bath & Tennis Club! After an extended winter season we all hope for a short spring and a long summer! As always, there is a lot of effort unden/vay to make the Club ready for another great year! The Governor’s Opening Cocktail Party is June 4th and the Club will be officially open on Saturday, June 10th. In response to the sun/ey results from last year, we are opening the Club early on a limited weekend basis (bar, bathrooms, tennis courts and beach only) starting May 13th. Please come and enjoy the Club and get a jumpstart on the season!

We are very pleased to have the majority of our management team back for another season. As mentioned at the Annual Meeting, we are going to bring the kitchen staff back in-house to see if we can improve customer ser\/ice and quality. As everyone knows, it is very difficult to staff and operate a kitchen for such a short season that has fluctuating demand. We are pleased to announce that Travis Grandon has signed on as our Kitchen Manager for the season. Travis has years of experience in the food sen/ice business and we look forward to working with him.


Clive Hughes and the House Committee are very busy getting the Club in ship shape condition for the season. There is a lot of work and effort going on which was discussed at the Annual Meeting. The biggest change you will see is that (weather permitting) the Board voted to paint the entire Club at one time. The new paint, along with completion ofthe installation of some additional new windows and a new coat of stain on the deck looks great!

The Board has worked diligently on their budgets and, with the small increase in dues, wé should have a balanced budget assuming no big surprises (fingers crossed)! I thank Sarah Kearney and the Finance Committee for all of their work on behalf of the Club.

We also have a new bookkeeper this year (Gail) so say “Hi” if you see her toiling away.

Gigi Gowdy and the Pool Committee have Nick returning as Aquatics Director and Caitlin Clark will be the swim team coach and swim instructor. As always, the Committee is assessing pool conditions to keep it looking great and operating safe and soundly.

On the social front, Lindsay Sones and the Social Committee have a number of great events planned this year. They have made quite an effort to address the comments made in the survey and to meet the varied wants and desires of each of the Members.

Please review the calendar for all of the events. Please plan to attend! The success of the Club is dependent upon Member participation.

We are very pleased that Jeff Karpowich and the Tennis Committee have signed Stu up for another great tennis season! Judging by the email traffic, Stu is cooking up a great season with something for eveiyone. Once again, please plan to participate as often as you can!

Becky Baun and the Membership Committee have had a busy winter. There has been a lot of movement on the waiting lists and additional Monday - Friday participants have been approved. The Board has approved 3 legacy applications and 2 general applicants to the Subscriber List this year. We are also very pleased to welcome 8 new Monday - Friday families to the Club this year. Please see Becky’s letter from the Membership Committee for all of the new subscribers and Monday - Friday participants.

Give them all a warm welcome to the Club when you see them!

Lastly, as I did last year, I want to remind everyone of some fundamental rules in the Regulations and By-Laws that cover issues that seem to come up every summer.

Please review these rules and if we all follow them, the Club will be more enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Guests should be signed in and introduced to the Manager on duty every time they visit the Club.
  2. Guests are limited to 6 visits per year and the inviting Member is responsible for their conduct and adherence to Club rules.
  3. No Member under 16 may sign in a guest without their parent’s supervision.
  4. All Members are expected to supervise their children under 14 years of age.
  5. There is no running at any time in the locker areas, around the pool or upstairs.
  6. There are no dogs allowed at the Club (this includes the beach). This can be a liability and health issue and is consistent with Public and Trustee rules on Magnolia Beach.
  7. There is no use of the grills at any time between 11 AM and 4 PM.
  8. Minors are not allowed in the bar at any time.
  9. There are a maximum of 2 cars allowed per Member family on the weekends and holidays and there is no guest parking at these times. Please make every effort to carpool on busy weekends and only bring one car. I 10. No Member should directly reprimand any of the staff or other Members. Please address all issues to the Manager or a Board Member.

We hope you will join us for The Governor’s Cocktail Party on Sunday, June 4th and we all look forward to a great 2017 season at the Club!

Jerry Cellucci President,
Board of Governors

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